Are you a Junior?  Use this time table to get a great score!

Fall:      Take the PSAT offered at your school if you live in Illinois.

             Take ACT and/or SAT NOW.  I recommend taking the ACT in October or December of 2018.

              If you are taking the SAT, take it in November or December of 2018. 

             Did you know you can request a copy of the actual test?  You can, so do it!

             If needed, get tutoring!  Do not make the mistake so many students make.

             They assume they're going to get a great score in the spring of their junior year.

             Many do not, even though they are good students with good GPAs, taking Honors and AP classes.

             Start early!  If you get a great score, you're all set!  If not, you have time to raise it.

Winter:  Retake the ACT or SAT test.

             Get more tutoring if you feel it will help.

             Allow yourself enough time to  take this test 3 or 4 times to get a high score and be done by the end of your junior 


Are you a Senior?

With your parents' help, sign up for FAFSA!  You can do it earlier this year!

GET TUTORING NOW if you want another chance to raise your ACT/SAT score.

Retake the ACT/SAT in September and/or October, at the latest November/December if you want a higher score.

See the Home page for information about upcoming ACT tests. 

​                 It's Time To Get A Great Score!​​​

​My tutoring services are done privately, remotely or in small groups.  I tutor: 

Juniors for the PSAT.

Juniors and Seniors for the ACT/SAT tests.​

High School Students in Essay Writing, Test Taking and Study Skills.

Seniors for College Admissions Essays.

My rates are highly competitive.  I work with your student one-on-one, offering individualized attention.  Students are given review sheets for each section of the ACT with tips and strategies.  These are to be used as students complete homework.  

I assess your student and keep parents updated with regular phone calls....try getting that with big-box tutoring companies!                   

Small group classes are held throughout the school year and posted when available.  Classes coming up for Spring Break!  Find schedules and prices for these on my home page.  

Tutoring is available throughout the school year and summer. 

Feel free to contact me on my cell at 708-646-5727 for more information.  

​​prepping you for a great score!