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ACT ACTion Classes will be held again over Winter Break.

Check back for more details in November.

Small Group Classes - Maximum of 7 Students   3 and 4 Hour Classes Available

Learn Strategies, Content for Each Section of the ACT 

This is information not taught in high school prep classes!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book)  Cracking the ACT with 6 Practice Tests, 2018 Edition

                                                  by Princeton Review

$155/3 Hour Class

​$200/4 Hour Class

Classes held in Frankfort, Illinois and St. John, Indiana


​My most recent students......

My Science score went up 6 points!  Gina C.     Burr Ridge, IL

My Reading score went up 5 points!  Cade M.   New Lenox, IL

My Composite went up 4 points!        Matt L.      St. John, IN

I scored a 35 on my ACT!                  Eva U.       Lisle, IL

My score went from a 27 to a 31!      Emma C.   Mokena, IL

I scored a 32 with 35 in both Math and English.  Jayna E.  Frankfort, IL

I scored a 31 with a 33 in English and a 36 in Reading!  Talia B.  Valpo, IN


Obviously, my students earn great scores!  But what do high scores mean for parents and students?

Higher scores translate financially into...       

1.  Merit Aid  Colleges and universities are looking for hard-working students with high scores.   In order to attract these students, many colleges and universities waive tuition fees!   I recently worked with Jayna, who scored a 32 on her ACT!  

How does that translate to merit aid?  The University of Alabama (her #1 school choice) waived all tuition for all 4 years.

Out of state tuition (she lives in Illinois) is $25,000/year. 

Jayna's 32 translates to a savings of $100,000 for her parents!

2. Academic Scholarships  

​3. Athletic Scholarships  I've helped several students earn full-ride athletic scholarships to the school of their choice.

4. Grants

5. Miscellaneous Scholarships  Once your student starts college, don't forget about scholarships.  There are many scholarships available only to college students!

6. Open Doors and Emails Galore!  Eva, mentioned above, scored a 35 on her ACT.  She told me she had over 100 emails in her inbox from colleges who wanted her.  They were willing to give her merit aid and scholarships.                         

Eva also received an acceptance letter from Harvard University!

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ARE YOU READY for this important test?

My tutoring results in student confidence and increased scores!

See the Services Page for pricing and helpful tips for the ACT!

​​prepping you for a great score!

Wendi Conrad........

​​Master's Degree in Education

State Certified Teacher

Top Ten Tutor on Thumbtack with 5-Star Reviews

Tutoring the Chicagoland area, Northwest Indiana

Remote Tutoring Available at lower rates